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Highly Recommended. This Foot Bath Really Works

"You can feel it working and see it too. The color chart shows you what it's pulling out of your body. It was so accurate and I felt amazing and full of energy for a week afterwards. I can't wait to do it again!"



My Husband Came Here With Parkinson’s Disease

"My husband D.G. came here with Parkinson’s Disease. After 1 week his tongue was stable and he could sing. A few days after that, his coloring in his face, which was grayish, is now back to normal. We are very grateful to INT Therapy Center. Thank You! Thank God! God Bless You."


Helps Even With Chronic Illnesses Like Sarcoidosis

"I felt that you should know that Nutritional Counseling helps even with chronic illnesses like Sarcoidosis. A friend of mine in Croatia (Ex-Yugo-Slavia) was previously treated by traditional medicine (steroids). He was treated for 3 years and with no positive results."


Intense Pain

"I first came to Ruth one year ago. I was in so-o much pain. I couldn’t brush my teeth, could hardly walk. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I had two wonderful massages, but still needed help. With Nutritional Counseling and taking supplements, I’m like a different person. It’s like a miracle. A consultation with Ruth for 9 months, than I see her when I return to Florida. She’s been like an angel from heaven. I just had my second strumming massage and it too is wonderful. God Bless Ruth & INT Therapy Center. "



Always Had A Constipation Problem

"From 7/22 to 8/8 I have experienced a tremendous change. I have much more energy and am not light headed. My bowel movements have increased, which is wonderful since I have always had a constipation problem. I feel better than I have in 15 years, thanks to Ruth!"

Endometriosis & Pain

"I saw Ruth (one of INT’s Nutritional Counselors) for my Endometriosis and she recommended I use certain products from Nature’s Sunshine to start dissolving my large cyst and to give me pain management. I have been staying faithful to her recommendations and after a few weeks my pain is more manageable and has even decreased to just certain periods of the month. I thought I’d never have a pain free week again!"


I Had Breast Cancer And Had A Mastectomy

"In 1998 I had Breast Cancer and had a mastectomy. I used “Black Salve” from Nature’s Sunshine to dissolve it. I did this 3x per day. The cancer was too large to remove, but the salve drew the cancer out of lymph nodes.


7 years later I was told I had a mass inside the lining of my kidney w/ lymph nodes attached to the outside of my aorta. I went to V. Hartley, who is my Nature’s Sunshine Manager, crying that they only gave me 3 to 6 months to live. I said I don’t want Chemo or Radiation. I want to do this naturally and take my chances. She then called the Business Office and they referred her to an herbalist by the name of Ruth Fitzgerald. 

Skipping Forward…. I went to see Ruth and was very confidential with her. When my radiologist did an MRI, I had already begun to start taking the Herbs and Vitamins from Nature’s Sunshine that Ruth had recommended. The results from the MRI was that it hadn’t grown any more. The radiologist said he would be able to give me radiation therapy with one problem…it would damage one of my kidneys, he said that was ok because I could live with just one kidney. After talking it over with my husband, we decided to go the natural way, and now my primary doctor says she has not ever seen cancer stop growing like this.


She agreed keep me on and do an ultra sound. In just 2 months, my blood had no cancer in it, my diabetes is to regulate, my pancreas is starting to work, and I don’t have to take my insulin as often. I still check twice a day in case I ate something to make it rise. I feel good, strong, and the doctors say not to stop what I’m doing and I will live a normal life."


Had Been On Allergy Medications For 7 Years

"I had a great experience my first visit here with Dr. Ruth. I had been on allergy Medications for 7 years, ever day.


After my first visit here, I decided to throw the Medications away and take my supplements Dr. Ruth suggested and now 2 years later, I’m doing great, still no medications.


However, I do mess up my Healthy Food Plan, but when I do I just start all over again and get back on the plan. Every now and again I need Ruth to tell me what I’m doing wrong & make it right. She’s a blessing for me. "


Pneumonia And Bronchitis For 2 Years

"I came to Ruth (Nutritional Counselor) in November of 2001. I had been having constant bouts with Pneumonia and Bronchitis for 2 years, and my allergist & Pulmonary Specialist had give up on me. They said my immune system had bottomed out. In the past I had 23 years of treatment. 

Naturally (with natural products), I have regained my sense of smell, taste, have experienced no food reactions, and am able to breathe through my nose. I have clear lungs, with no more Pneumonia and Bronchitis. My energy has returned and I am able to sleep through the night without too much coughing.


I still have a few hurdles but I see a drastic improvement and will continue until I remain mucous free."


Constipation, Acne, Low Energy, Shaking

"My first visit was in February and I was experiencing constipation, acne, low energy, shaking. As I came back in March I got rid of 7lbs. and I do not have acne. I have a lot more energy and I am having bowel movements 3 times a day. I also have regular menstruation cycles, when before I had very irregular ones. I feel wonderful."


Improved Very Much At School And Studying

"My son Jonathan started to take all of the Sunshine Heroes (children’s) vitamins and he has improved very much at school and studying. He even scored 100% on one of his tests. My son is very content now and I am too. Also, my husband started natural treatment and feels much better, he has much more energy too. Thank you!"



"Onset of nosebleeds – spring 1998. Started very slight & progressed more frequently & severely over next 12 years. Visited many medical doctors, hematologist, oncologist, general practitioner, radiologist. Became more and more severe, lasting longer and longer. After visiting w/ Ruth, having a Nutritional Consultation, guidance, being placed on herbs and mineral regimen, finally have received success in eliminating my nose bleeds!"

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